Interview Tips for Fresh Graduates

I’m almost two years out of university and has been practicing my profession as an HR and Admin Associate. My job mainly focus on Talent Management ever since I joined the company. If I have the luxury of time, I get to touch other facets of HR like Compensation and Benefits, Training and Development, Employee Relations and Performance Management.

Since the start of Q2 (2nd Quarter) is considered to be the job hunting season, I’d like to share few tips for job hunters out there especially those who are fresh graduates. I can say I’ve been through all the dramas you are experiencing right now and I am also currently doing the other side of the scene, being the HR who interviews YOU. ;)

  1. Just because you’re looking for a job, you will apply to every job openings you see in Jobstreet. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with that but be sure to check every details about it especially the location. If you think it’s a bit far from your place and you’re not willing to join the “traffic jungle” around the metro, just look for another opening. I bet you don’t want to end up apologizing not being able to attend the interview because you realized Tagiug is 2-4 hrs away from Binondo.
  2. Confirm you attendance. HRs appreciate it  a lot if you confirm your schedule. However, it is a different thing if you confirmed but DID NOT SHOW UP.
  3. NO SHOW. This is a no-no. Employers can see in Jobstreet if other employers marked you as No Show. So be sure you inform the interviewer ahead of time why you can’t attend your interview.
  4. Be on time and ALWAYS wear business attire. Enough said I guess. These are basic rules when you attend an interview.
  5. Practice. Practice. Practice. Our generation should be tankful with Mr. Google. Everything is just a click away and you can search for usual interview questions. Interviewers may re-phrase the questions but the essence is still the same.(Can you give me some points on which you think you need to improve on? Same with: Can you tell me what are your weaknesses?)
  6. Don’t get too nervous. It can affect the way you answer and we noticed that. You stutter, you may be sweaty though it’s not hot and so on. Focus on questions being ask to you and answer calmly and truthfully. Don’t worry, we HR people, make sure that the interview will be your usual conversation with other people. (Wag lang feeling close masyado ha?)
  7. Sell yourself. I’ve learned this in college. Say everything you can offer. Your internship counts a lot so be sure you have acquired skills and knowledge related to the position you are applying for. In my case, when I was still an intern, I was already able to recruit my co-interns which I think was an advantage for me when I was still applying.
  8. Make the interviewer feel you are sincere to get the job. We can feel if an applicant is just bragging or desperate enough to be hired. As a fresh graduate, it is typical to say you’re hard-working and willing to learn. Everyone can say that, c’mon! Think of something which makes you unique to other applicants. Mind you, you’re not the only one applying for the position.

They’re just the basics and based on my experiences. But hey! I hope it helped even a little. :) So be prepared for your upcoming interviews. Trust me, with all the skills you’ve got, I’m sure you’ll make it. Congrats to all fresh graduates out there!

Coz she’s sooo cute!

 photo cuutteee_zps6912b3cb.jpg


Saw this picture while randomly browsing online. Isn’t she cute?

My after thoughts? Well, when will I have my own baby? LOL. I mean I’ve seen pictures of my friends’ little ones and pressures are just everywhere. Believe it or not, my parents asked me last year “Kelan mo ba kami bibigyan ng apo?”  I was like… SRSLY? Hahaha.

Siguro napepressure lang nga talaga ako. Friends of mine are now in a stable relationship while me? Hmmmm.. I’m still in the range of that status called It’s fckn complicated! :D Well I’m not hurrying up. Darating din si right guy balang araw. Nananalig pa rin ako. Hahaha.

Suprise! Employee of the Month.

October was not a lovely month for me. The pressure I feel due to work is extremely UN-tolerable that there was a night I cried so much to my mom and dad.

Few days after that “crying time” here’s what I received :)

 photo 1c866663-46d1-495e-9fd3-82f21448e7f2_zps444ca8cc.jpg

Yaaaayy! I was really surprised. Honestly, at first it didn’t sink in yet since I feel like I have random flaws when it comes to work. My Admin manager told me the reason why I was chosen and it relieved me.

–of all pips, u’re the only one I see / am aware of that makes endless bilins with matching call/text when u’re on leave / suddenly absent, not in the office.

That simple act made the management appreciate my efforts. I guess as an employee, we still need to be sensitive about the consequences of not informing your co-workers of your pending tasks.

Thanks MPTII family! :D