Day 1: Here’s my update.

Well, well, well. I know it’s been ages again. My apologies. Hahaha.  After my last post about Ferrari Rossa, there were topics scheduled to be blogged already BUT THEN… a lot of things happened. Here are my updates:

  1. As always, been busy with work. As much I want to blog during lunch time, Facebook took my time playing games, post etc.
  2. Moved to a new house — meaning no more internet. Actually, I still had for the first month but I got irritated because it’s sooo slow so I decided to terminate it.
  3. I finally submitted my resignation. The moment you are reading this, your dear friend is now officially a BUM. hahaha. But hey I already have pending applications. Hopefully I can have a new work environment within November ends. :)

There. Just a quick update for you guys. Watch out for the coming days’ blog posts. I’ma try to blog hop now. Ciao! :D

Formula Rossa – Dream Came True!

Two years ago, my brother and I were able to visit the beautiful country of U.A.E. again. My haven. As part of dad’s gift to me because it was my birthday, we went to Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi. FINALLY!

FW is situated in the beautiful island of Yas where Yas Marina Circuit is also located. It is the largest indoor Ferrari Theme Park in the world where according to its website: “If Ferrari World Abu Dhabi was turned upright, it would be the tallest man made structure in the world at over 300 floors!”

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Interview Tips for Fresh Graduates

I’m almost two years out of university and has been practicing my profession as an HR and Admin Associate. My job mainly focus on Talent Management ever since I joined the company. If I have the luxury of time, I get to touch other facets of HR like Compensation and Benefits, Training and Development, Employee Relations and Performance Management.

Since the start of Q2 (2nd Quarter) is considered to be the job hunting season, I’d like to share few tips for job hunters out there especially those who are fresh graduates. I can say I’ve been through all the dramas you are experiencing right now and I am also currently doing the other side of the scene, being the HR who interviews YOU. ;)

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