Sorry for neglecting my blog. :| Last week was our midterms so as much as I wanted to update you guys regarding the removal of my cast, I wasn’t able to do so.

Anyway last Wednesday, my cast was removed by my handsome doctor (but I think he’s gay!) =)) Let the pictures tell you what happened.

Removal of cast.

That thingie was really scary. It sounds like the typical chain saw being used in cutting trees. I swear to God my heart was pounding endlessly. :O

Removal of cast.


The next day, I went to buy our groceries with my brother and bought these…

Tanduay Ice

Tanduay Ice is like Bacardi Breezer!  ;) Stocks for the next day’s drinking session.

Friday, I had a date with one of my girlfriends. We went out to siiiiinnnngggg, watch a movie and drink here at home.

Videoke!!!:D Me, singing. I actually stopped singing just to smile. LOL.

Zombadings movie tickets. After waiting for hours, we bought our tickets! Zombadings is a gay movie. It was super fun!!!

After the movie. We didn’t have a picture together (my girlfriend) because we were shy to ask to guard to take a picture of us. HAHAHA.  :D

Picture taken before we start our drinking session. Please forgive my attire. =)) I already changed to my house clothes because it felt more comfy. Tanduay Ice with pork intestines, barbecue and tuna with sky flakes!

Sunday. I went to my favorite salon for pedicure. Sad to say I wasn’t able to do foot spa because there were tooons of women. I was kinda hurrying up so I told myself… NEXT TIME! ;p

And finally… a pedicure for my feet! After more than a month?! You could imagine how painful it was when the lady was getting the “in-grown.” It really hurts so much but it’s worth it! HAHAHA. =)) Love the color!

Hey guys thank you for all your sweet comments althroughout this complete oblique fracture injury! I’m getting better now but I have to go back after two weeks for another x-ray. Other than that… everything’s going well. I hope you guys are doing good too!  :lab


  1. Congrats ate at wala ka ng cast! Nanuod din ako ng zombadings eh with my classmates sa sm dasma! award ang movie! sobrang ganda! :idol


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