Random shots I want to share.

We don’t need to be together anymore by ~t-w-e-e on deviantART
1. Taken at TheOne, Abu Dhabi when I had breakfast with Meero before my birthday. Their interior is one of a kind because it’s like the medieval times. As far as I could remember, instead of using male/female they used Prince and Princess. Love it! Anyway I used this picture as a header for my first ever layout of maarteh.net. I enhanced it using cs5 (click here to view the original picture).

A gift could make her happy. by ~t-w-e-e on deviantART

2. She’s one of my cutest cousin. After my uncle gave us our Christmas presents, she was surprised when I gave her the gift she was holding. Indeed, she was happier for receiving another one!

Up, up in the sky by ~t-w-e-e on deviantART
3. It is not allowed to take a picture when the seat belt warning is on right? But I did. =)) We were about to arrive that time in Ilo-ilo when I captured the picture. I was really amazed on how the clouds looked beautifully perfect!

Pinkish Sky by ~t-w-e-e on deviantART

4. This last picture is a shot from our balcony at home. I think ever since we moved in this house, I have only seen the sky in pink twice. You know I do not really like pink but this one’s an excuse! ;)

12 thoughts on “Random shots I want to share.

  1. Gusto ko yung 3rd shot talaga!  I love aireal shots kase! pasaway oh! bawal nga yan buti di ka nasita ng flight attendant? haha! may pagka phtographer ka pala e… Pursue na yan!!

  2. All of them are indeed great. I personally love the first one. That was your blog banner before right? I thought you downloaded it from somewhere.

    Just dropped to say HI! :)

  3. hi siiiiis! lagay ka naman chat box mo! hehehe :3 anyways, kahit sinong bata naman matutuwa kapag bibigyan ng gift. kahit ako rin. hahahah! tatalon ako sa tuwa xD ang nice ng shots mo sa mga sky. pasaway sa airplane. pero kahit ako rin sa side mo noh. gagawin ko rin yan. hahahah! 

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