He’s in SG.

That guy is my little brother with our nephew, Marcus.  :^_^hk

  • He’s in Singapore right now for a seminar and tour. 5 DAYS DUDE! 5 LONG DARN DAYS!
  • Obviously, I’m all alone right now.  :'(
  • I’m not used to being HOME ALONE since these past few months, I’ve been getting close to my brother again.

  • Why am I acting like this? Because there are some instances that I hear “weird” sounds here at home. Foot steps going down the stairs during midnight, foot steps on the roof and a lot of people who happened to have this so called “third eye” said, indeed there are OTHER people at home.
  • My option at the moment is have an energy drink to keep me awake. I’ll finish doing my part in our thesis and play bookworm adventures. LOL.
  • Yeah I know. I’m old enough but when you’re the one who experiences hearing those sounds… man you’d really freak out.
  • On the other hand… I found it sweet when my brother called me twice today before they left Philippines. Such a sweetie.  :doraeinlab

Please go back soon. I already miss you around bro. 


  1. gusto ko lang malaman mo na kada-update mo ng maarteh.net ay binabsa ko rin xa.. hahahah.. d aq gaanong mahilig mag-blog pero gustong gusto q ang nagbbsa ng blog ng iba.. ahhahaha ayos toh!


  2. Di kita masisisi kung matatakot ka coz of those sounds. Haha. Scary nga yun! :s I’ve never been to SG. Buti pa yung brother mo may ganyang opportunity! :) 


  3. sis. Don’t worry too much. baka pusa lang yan. hihi :3 aaaah! cute baby! hihi!


  4. Naku. Imbes na katakutan mo ang mga yun, ayain mo ng inuman. Sabihan mo na magdala sila ng isang case ng red horse. :-P


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