Prelim? Check!

After weeks of pressure because of our Experimental Psychology concept paper, finally we are done. But tasks are not yet finish. It is actually the start of reading gazillion different references and researches of course. I have thought the other day of regretting to be a Psychology major. If only did I know it requires a lot of researches meaning  I have to read studies and experiments conducted by those bored people because they still didn’t have facebook, twitter and the like…  :)) then maybe I would have considered taking up Chemical Engineering instead.  Yes I do read books but only those of my interest. And seeing these god-knows-how-many-pages PDF file… gaaaawd! It makes me sick! :bearsad But… errrr… it’s too late for those realizations. Being a Psychology major has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s just be optimistic, Tine! :heart3

The results of the exams were given… well to most of my subjects. Maybe next week grades shall be revealed. Tssssssskk! I think I’d rather not know. Oh man… I need some inspiration right now. I’m soooo not in the mood to do tasks. I think I need to pamper myself? HELL YEAH! :elmolaughing

  1. So what do you do when you suddenly feel lazy to do any school works?
  2. Any suggestions of pampering thyself?

  • Lym

    I’m familiar with some of the terms there *points to the picture* especially with “Validity.” We don’t conduct experiments though. Your major requires a lot f reading, researching, and contemplating. It could be very tiring on your part but since you love it, it’s okay. It will pay off soon.

    So what do you do when you suddenly feel lazy to do any school works?
    - I just sleep or play games
    Any suggestions of pampering thyself?
    - Sleeping and playing games. Sometimes, I watch movies with my friends.

  • stevevhan

    mas masaya talaga pag college diba?ahahaha, ther lot challenges compare in HS.

    1.I eat chocolate, relax myself. Then if i think i am done with relaxing and removing all the stress i have that studies caused, that’s when i resume. you know what that i treat myself foods after every exam week to give myself a reward for doing such effort for exams expecially if i get high grades and fulfill projects. Do it also, it may help you!

    2.I guess i answered it already at no.1!:)

  • Freyah

    Woaw. You’re a psychology major pala. Good luck dear. I’ve always wanted to be in that course, but sadly for some reason, di ako napunta jan. :(
    So go! Aja! Kaya mo yan.. ;) Any hardwork will always have a positive result!

  • diya

    oh. goodluck sis. your course is interesting.

    So what do you do when you suddenly feel lazy to do any school works? I eat. LOL/

  • Phoebe R

    What do when im lazy to do tasks?

    I surf the net till magsawa. hahaha Goodluck sa scores mo! Im sure you did good! :D

    btw, im inviting you to join my beauty giveaway in my site :D


    Go ate! im so late na ata para magsabi pa ng ‘Go’ hehe anyways miss you na po. Goodluck sa studies we can do it :D

    -drop ka sa blog ko, i have new post there <3

  • vhinnie

    Goodluck on your studies, Tine! :D Me is busy din with studies. :)

  • Senyth

    All courses are really hard, but I guess you could survive it if you love the course. :)

    Good luck on your studies! and on your prelim. We just finished our Midterms and it was really stressful and tiring.

    So what do you do when you suddenly feel lazy to do any school works? ~Procrastinate, and go to my friend, the internet and later on cram! :))
    Any suggestions of pampering thyself? ~Sleep early, eat healthy, stay fit. :D