The so-called ABOUT ME.

♥ I’m Kristine.
♥ Likes to be called as Tine, Kweishtyn or Tyn.
♥ Graduate of AB Psychology in DLSU-D.
♥ Somehow independent…? Haha.
♥ Want to see my handwriting?

  • A brief “about me”

Let’s see what I can tell you about myself. Well, I’m a Capricornian at heart. Many people would say I’m a spoiled brat but hey I’m not! Why? Because I don’t always get everything I want. Haha. When I was 10, my family moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE. I stayed there for quite a long time till I had to go back to the Philippines for college. So don’t wonder if I know something about the Middle East and the like. :D and btw, I know how to write in Arabic. ;) (I need to practice though…)

  • Entering College (this was made few years ago :D)

(Naks kala mo professional na eh noh?) In Junior high, I have chosen different courses for college. B.S. Chemical Engineering (Mapua), A.B. Psychology, A.B. Political Science, A.B. Broadcast Journalism (three courses passed in DLSU-D), B.S. International Studies and B.S. International Relations. The first four are really my desired courses and it started to confused me. Different people were telling me about those careers, both its advantages and disadvantages.

As time ticks… I have to decide which of the four will I take. It was when I asked help from my daddy dearest. He knows the best schools in the Philippines and mentioned the top three. University of the Philippines, De La Salle University and Ateneo De Manila University. Since I didn’t pass UPCAT and never had a chance to take ACET, dad chose DLSU-D among the rest.

Now which among the three courses that I had passed? “Psychology suits you. Actually the three suits you. You can excel in broadcast journalism because you’re talkative and loves to go out. Political Science too because you know how to reason out well, to answer back and fight for what you think is right”, my dad told me. That confused me more but this is what he said, “If you’re going to take up Chemical Engineering, it will be five years unlike Psychology. If I were you… mag-psypsychology na lang ako.” And that ended our conversation. I followed my dad not because I’m scared of him. No! I also liked the course ever since. I finished my first year but had to stopped because of some problem. But right now… I’m already a full-time, irregular Psychology student who plans to become a neuropsychologist in the near future. You don’t know how excited I am to become one. :)

hearts. butterflies. angels. computer. white gold. blue. typing. blogging. maglakwacha. chocolates. Hello Kitty. Snoopy. Boo. french fries. burger. chickenjoy. pizza. isaw. kwek-kwek.

snakes. roaches. mouse. dark chocolates. liar. biatches. wannabes. social climber. super hard rock music.

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