Alcohol-free week.

October 1, 2011 at 1:22 pm

The title says it all. I’m planning to have an alcohol-free week next week due to gaaaaazzzzziiiiilliiiiooooooonnn school work. This week was fun. I had two drinking sessions with my girlfriends of which are unplanned. Don’t you just love unplanned activities? It seems like they’re the ones being pushed through compare to the planned ones.  :p

Let me share with you something. last Thursday, my two thesis mates slept over (plus another friend who  so we could finish our chapter 3. We did finish it early so one of ‘em suggested to have this “early celebration” while watching a movie. Oh yes! Drinking session again. It was hella fun! We were laughing and dancing Teach me how to dougie. My sibling even joined us because he was a bit drunk too! =))

A tip to know if a person is LYING.

August 7, 2011 at 8:17 pm

I’ve been wanting to update this blog but couldn’t think of any topic. Thank God I have stumbled upon this  thingie when I was browsing tumblr, Psychology tags, few minutes ago. I know it’ll be helpful for those who have little knowledge about this.

I’m a freak when the topic is all about lying. I had Social Psychology last year as one of my major subjects and we discussed about deceiving. I have learned few tips from my professor. One in particular is eye contact. I asked her, “Ma’m what if the person is indeed good in eye contact? How will you know if he is lying or not?” There are two ways to know that according to her…

  1. First (this is common) is when the person cannot look at you straight or…
  2. he is super looking at you straight in the eyes, trying to deceive you and hoping you’d not notice he is hiding something. That’s what my professor call cold stare.

I have tried doing that to several people and yes, it is true. This guy thought he could deceive me by doing the cold stare. Sad to say, I already learned about it before he did so I had an idea what he was trying to do. As a polite young lady, I smiled while listening to all his bullshit stories but noticing the  microexpressions (as mentioned from the embed thingie) he was not aware of. I thank God for making me an observant person for it does helped me so many times.  :hkevillaugh

Anyway… I’m sure there are some other ways to know when a person is lying or not. I have only shared one of the many ways and I hope it did help. LOL. =)) One last thing… you just have to be cautious especially with the person’s non verbal actions.  :smile1 It talks more, you know!


  1. Are you aware of the cold stare?
  2. Are you good at lying? Did you deceive anyone before?


My First and Last Retreat.

July 31, 2011 at 7:45 pm

Usually here in the Philippines, when senior high school students are graduating, it is a tradition to experience retreat. In my case, I did not have that kind of experience because it is not usual in Abu Dhabi although I studied in a Filipino school. I only heard stories from friends may it be related to ghosts stories and crying moments they had. And so… I was really excited when we were told that we’d have our retreat for two days and one night on July 28-29 at Light of the World Retreat Center. I’ll spam you with photos okay? It’ll be easier for me to share what happened. :)

July 28 – First day. We were required to be at the school chapel before 7am. Took pictures already and everyone were sooo excited that we didn’t notice how noisy we were inside the chapel. :p