excited much?

I was in the mood to write last night so the picture below is the outcome. Haha. :cookieqt I tried browsing my newly installed program called *ehem* Adobe Photoshop cs5 :elmolaughing  but I’m a noob when it comes to this. I don’t know how to use it anymore. LOOOOOOOL. so adding to the list below is 9.) Learn how to use cs5! =))

So those are the reasons why I’m looking forward for sembreak. I’m excited though this week I still have:

October 8 – Experimental Psychology oral defense
– I still haven’t finalized our manuscript yet. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to do that. ;P
October 9 – Learning and Cognitive Psychology oral defense
Whitey will be performing his best shot on Saturday. He must be able to finish the maze within 30 seconds. (okay I know that’s pretty much long but that’s what we wrote in our objectives. It’s just that, when we were doing our paper Whitey’s performance varied around 20 seconds and above. So to be sure he’ll be able to do the objectives during the defense, we wrote 30 seconds. :bearlaf Don’t blame me because my bunny could actually finish the maze within 10 seconds now. HAHA.)
– and lastly… he must be able to go to the blue flag ONLY at the end of the maze. Man I hope he’ll do good on Saturday. Our grades will depend on his performance. :pray

I swear that will be the last time I’ll blab about school stuff. Next week will be finals so HELLO DEAR SEMBREAK. :heart3

Prelim? Check!

After weeks of pressure because of our Experimental Psychology concept paper, finally we are done. But tasks are not yet finish. It is actually the start of reading gazillion different references and researches of course. I have thought the other day of regretting to be a Psychology major. If only did I know it requires a lot of researches meaning  I have to read studies and experiments conducted by those bored people because they still didn’t have facebook, twitter and the like…  :)) then maybe I would have considered taking up Chemical Engineering instead.  Yes I do read books but only those of my interest. And seeing these god-knows-how-many-pages PDF file… gaaaawd! It makes me sick! :bearsad But… errrr… it’s too late for those realizations. Being a Psychology major has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s just be optimistic, Tine! :heart3

The results of the exams were given… well to most of my subjects. Maybe next week grades shall be revealed. Tssssssskk! I think I’d rather not know. Oh man… I need some inspiration right now. I’m soooo not in the mood to do tasks. I think I need to pamper myself? HELL YEAH! :elmolaughing

  1. So what do you do when you suddenly feel lazy to do any school works?
  2. Any suggestions of pampering thyself?

I’m in my junior year.

Alright. Since topics are constantly bugging my brain, I have finally decided to talk about the subjects I am taking this semester. I hope you will not find it boring because I myself find these topic interesting. Let me share this to you.

Technical Writing
…means writing at the work place. WTH? Haha. This is my only minor subject left till 4th year. Oh yeah! Hopefully at the end of the semester I’ll be able to compose writings technically. I have to get used to the rules because I have a strong feeling Tine will be at the HR Department if she will not go to Med. school. Oh actually, I have no excuse for writing resumes, application letters blah, blah, blah whichever path I choose after graduating. :p You write to express, not to impress.

First Achievement: I haven’t achieved this yet because instead of doing my ever first brochure, I am typing this update of mine. Haha. Nice right? I have an excuse though… I cannot think of any interest in mind right now that’s why you are reading this and not seeing my sample brochure. LOL. :))

Physiological Psychology
This is like the “mild” version of Anatomy combined with Psychology. I am still not clear about the focus of the subject but I think it’s how our nervous system relates on how the way we behave. Something like that eh… :p I find this boring due to future memorizations. :tth I hate memorizing nowadays especially those parts of the body. It’s sooooo elementary and highschool where you memorized every province in the Philippines and its capital city plus those darn Taxonomy. Kingdom, Phylum, shits and shits! Grrrrrrr! Hahaha. =))

First Achievement: None as of the moment. It’s boring I tell you.

Psychological Testing I
This one’s exciting too. I mentioned earlier about me working at HRD right? The subject will be of great help because I’m expecting to learn the uses and purposes of each Psychological Tests commonly used. I also heard from the seniors that we will be taking the tests ourselves like the IQ, EQ, Personality exams etc.

First Achievement: just like PhysioPsych… NONE. :p

Experimental Psychology
This is the reason why I have been blabbing about school works in twitter lately. Its focus is more on teaching us to formulate hypotheses, design and construct experimental researches. It has something to do with my previous subject last sem Statistics Under the Behavioral Sciences. Only that ExpePsych is more on the experimental researches solely while BeStat can cover everything in relation with behavior.

First Achievement: Read and understand, compare and contrast both APA (American Psychological Association) and PAP (Psychological Association of the Philippines) Ethical Principles. Deng! I feel like I am a real Psychologist. Haha. :klove

Learning and Cognitive Psychology
I’m excited to teach my future pet! Wiiieee! From the title itself, it has something to do now with cognition. Learning Psychology is about controlling how to level up or down a behavior and maintain it. Meaning dear Tine shall learn how to manipulate behavior especially human’s by using different techniques. Hahaha. Cool huh? I know right! ;) Plus this subject is becoming my favorite. Thank God for professors who have the gift of humor. Obviously one and a half hour of my day is full of laughter which is nice.

First Achievement:Realizing I have an advantage for being a Psychology major. I actually have the power to make people’s lives better or miserable. Bwahahahahahaha. :evilgrin<

There you go… I enjoyed making this post. I hope you did too. Btw, which subjects are your favorite and hate now?

Boy: Umuwi ka na. Gabi na oh. (Go home now. It’s already late.)
Girl: Pauwi na nga eh. Naglalakad na pasakay ng jeep. (I’m going home… walking and about to ride a jeepney.)
Boy: Mahal mo ba ako? (Do you love me?)
Girl: Miss na kita. *laughs* (I miss you.)
Boy: Potah sabi ko mahal mo ba ako? (Potah is like puta meaning prostitute… it’s a curse but people nowadays use it as an expression. ;) I said do you love me?)
Girl: Oo naman. Mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal kita. *giggling* (Of course. I love you very, very, very, very much.)

So basically the girl wanted to be cuss at before she responds to his I LOVE YOU. Hahaha. Naaaaahhh… kidding aside, I find that conversation funny but sweet. :heartjumping